Speaker Covers

Premium Covers for Premium Speakers

When I bought my first set of Harbeth speakers I was enthralled by both the natural sound and the beautiful wood veneer finish that complemented it.

Once I had got over my amazement, especially in the way that the human voice is rendered, with such purity and clarity, I knew I needed to find a way to protect my investment. Living in a busy household, my speakers were exposed to both daylight, dust and everyday life. As a 3rd generation specialist furniture restorer and bespoke upholsterer I appreciated that my speakers would need protection from light knocks, sunlight, dust and, heaven forbid, watermarks or sticky fingerprints on the veneer.

What I needed was something strong enough to protect, but easy to store away when the speakers were in use. Over the past 5 years I have been developing and refining my speaker and audio equipment covers, sourcing and testing various materials to find the best combination of inner and outer protection and beauty, also allowing subtle cabling access to ensure no creases during use.

Having heard about my bespoke work, Harbeth discussed product development with me and have kindly endorsed my covers for use with Harbeth speakers.

This endorsement from the zenith of speaker manufacturers made me decide to offer my products to all Harbeth owners around the world.

The services we offer are:

  • Bespoke Harbeth covers in our standard, and special order, range of colours.
  • Bespoke Harbeth covers in your choice of outer material
  • Bespoke covers for your audio equipment from manufacturers data
  • Bespoke covers for your audio equipment from our measurement service

To request a quotation, for Harbeth endorsed speaker covers, please email your Harbeth speaker models and full contact details to info@speaker-covers.com

Zsolt Szabo